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Aloha, my name is Kai. 

I'm a potter/ceramic artist from Maunalua, O'ahu. I've been working with clay since I was 11. My father put me in my first class where I learned the basics of wheel throwing and I've been hooked ever since. My grandmother, Noriko Oda was a seasoned ceramicist; my house is full of her art both functional and decorative. Every time I work with clay I remember the grace and touch that she had. 


One of the biggest influences on my work and interest has been Hawai'i (my home) and my studies/work in conservation. The more time I spend working in my community with the natural and cultural resources of Hawai'i, the more fueled I am to work with clay. I currently teach a ceramic enrichment course at Hanahau'oli school for students 4-6th grade. Working with children has helped my own skill and understanding of clay and the freedom one has with art. My pottery is available at TheCurb Kaimuki and for purchase on this website or at certain events. 

Nothing can be achieved alone; Mahalo to my family, friends, and community for their constant help. 

photo 3 : Film by  Karen Kosaka

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